Hope for a Good Life

Hope for a Good Life

Andreas M. Krafft, Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello, Andreas M. Walker (Eds.)
Results of the Hope-Barometer International Research Program Series: Social Indicators Research Series

  • The first volume addressing hope as an existential need and resource for living a good life
  • Presents data collected by the Hope Barometer Survey in different European countries
  • Provides interventions to improve hope and increase overall well-being

This volume addresses the convincing belief that hope is an existential need and resource for living a good life, not only when all is going well, but especially in difficult times. The findings reported in this volume result from the annual survey of theHope-Barometer Research Programcollected during 7 years and conducted in several countries. Structured in three parts, the first oneprovides the reader with a general introduction into the topic of hope, the theoretical and methodological foundations and major general results of the Hope-Barometer. Part two presents specific topicsrelated to the levels and variations of hope across different population groups, and the relationship of hope with several measures of well-being. Further part threefocuses on comparisons of elements and levels of hope across culturesdiscussing methods and techniques to improve hope and thus increase overall well-being.

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